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Welcome to the Doom Archive. This site was established to make easily available, thousands of classic Doom wads so that people can find them quickly and enjoy playing them.

Playing classic Doom is still great fun today thanks to many modern Doom ports such as Doomsday and Risen3D.

Doomsday offers far superior graphics, modern system compatibility and stable networking play. So why not set up a LAN, get some buddies and play the seamingly infinate supply of original Doom wads for free!

Making doom levels is as much fun today as it always was too. The simple to use and free Doom Builder makes editing a breeze!

Featured Files

sb72.wad Category: Doom 2 SP Wads screen shot REoL TOUGH Classics: Starbase 7: Part 2, DooM 2
This is the last 4 levels of the 7 in the series, where a friend
was taken away by aliens in their spaceship to be sent to Mars.
He was kidnapped because of an amazing scientific finding, so
you have to save him.
Go through the Mars Military Base and find your friend,
again! This time, you'll go through a LOT of hell to save him! If
 Download  (327 KB)  2fiffy3.txt
Author: George Fiffy

grimripp.wad Category: Doom 2 Megawads screen shot ======================================================================
Archive Maintainer : This belongs in /levels/doom2/megawads
Uploaded by : Graham Burgess (gkburgess-at_compuserve_dot-
Update to : Upload of grim-ripper (from, but wit
separate maps combined into one wad by the u
Advanced engine needed : None
Primary purpose : Single+Coop play
 Download  (640 KB)  grimripp.txt
Author: Jaromir Bergmann Category: Doom 2 SP Wads screen shot ================================================================
Title : Stronghold
Filename : #sthold.wad
Author : Sphagne
Email Address :
To Run : call "wad.bat sthold" or "wad.bat stho
Description: A nocturnal level, in a long twisting valey.
 Download  (143 KB)  0sthold.txt
Author: Sphagne